54D ON + Lower Body

  • The 54D ON + Lower Body program includes all the 54D ON material plus 27 exclusive chapters focused on the development of your lower body!. This add on also includes 18 new episodes for abs. To learn more about the 54D ON program, please click here.
  • The goal of 54D has always been and will continue to be that its members feel satisfied with their experience, so as a result we offer a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!! This means that if for whatever reason you are nor satisfied with your program, from the third week until the end of the program, please inform us and we will gladly refund 100% of your payment at the time of canceling your membership! The only condition for validating this guarantee is that you undertake to strictly follow the guidelines in the first 2 weeks of the program. You will be able to get your refund after the third week, as long as your commitment to strictly follow the guidelines of your program have been demostrated upon the moment you decide to cancel. As always, at 54D our mission is to support you to achieve your goals! We invite you to work with all the spirit and strength that characterize all who are part of this 54D Family!




- Daily 1 hour Training
- Nutrition plan
- Stretching and recovery sessions
- Global community
- Live daily guidance with a real coach


We will transform your life radically not only physically but mentally and emotionally. We will give you the tools to have a disciplined, strong and winning mindset. We will teach you how to create healthy habits that will become your new lifestyle. We will change your body in a healthy way feeling motivated and positive. We will beat depression and anxiety. You will be part of a global community with a common purpose: Be the best version of yourself.


Rodrigo Garduño

Rodrigo Garduño, founder and creator of 54D, was born in Mexico City, México in 1978. At the early age of 12, he was recruited for development as a professional soccer player. His journey as a professional soccer player, gave Rodrigo a wide range of theory and practical knowledge of physical training and peak performance. Along with his natural public speaking, motivational and life coaching skills makes people enjoy his transformational power through fitness. Named by Apple ‘one of the most important worldwide fitness brands’ and by NBC as the King of Fitness in the United States, he continues to create real change in the lives of anyone that experiences his innovative approach to health.

Rodrigo de Ovando

Rodrigo de Ovando, 54D Head Coach, was born in Mexico City in 1981. He started playing professional soccer at the age of 15 in the city of Celaya, Guanajuato. Rodrigo was a key player in the Toros Atlético Celaya, later he continued his career in important teams such as Atlante and Monterrey among others. During his career, he learned and developed mental and physical strategies to improve performance and consistency in sports. He brings these concepts to his current professional career as a coach and runner, where he continues to challenge himself and break personal records. His warm yet disciplined training style helps 54D members reach their goals with solid mental and body preparation. He complemented his sports career by studying Aviation in Mexico City.


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